Wednesday, October 17, 2018

This is what i think grounding is..

Grounding/Shylo ;) rounding is connecting to the earth and the environment so you can let go of your worries and stress. Firstly: You start by taking your shoes and socks off because you would be able to feel the grass under your toes. After a while you begin to hear nature around you and the heart of papatuanuku allowing you to feel calm and connected with earth. The warmth and strength of the earth allows air to become with you to flow through you freeing your mind and body. Secondly: you’d have to breath in fresh air and breath out your stress and worries you do this a couple of times to allow the air to flush through your body and out your mouth. Finally: During this session to stay relaxed you might want to close your eyes for more connection and so you can stay focused . As you stand there silently you can feel your feet soothe into the mud and through the grass. At this point you start feeling like your sitting in space with nothing but silence. You start feeling like your becoming one with earth and allowing earth to sink into your mind and make you feel like you've just been freed from pain and stress. Conclusion: Grounding is connecting to the earth and environment to make your stress and worries dispensary. I agree that doing this session everyday would help us feel calm/relaxed and ready to learn. We have certain places do to it whether its soft grass or not.