Wednesday, October 17, 2018

This is what i think grounding is..

Grounding/Shylo ;) rounding is connecting to the earth and the environment so you can let go of your worries and stress. Firstly: You start by taking your shoes and socks off because you would be able to feel the grass under your toes. After a while you begin to hear nature around you and the heart of papatuanuku allowing you to feel calm and connected with earth. The warmth and strength of the earth allows air to become with you to flow through you freeing your mind and body. Secondly: you’d have to breath in fresh air and breath out your stress and worries you do this a couple of times to allow the air to flush through your body and out your mouth. Finally: During this session to stay relaxed you might want to close your eyes for more connection and so you can stay focused . As you stand there silently you can feel your feet soothe into the mud and through the grass. At this point you start feeling like your sitting in space with nothing but silence. You start feeling like your becoming one with earth and allowing earth to sink into your mind and make you feel like you've just been freed from pain and stress. Conclusion: Grounding is connecting to the earth and environment to make your stress and worries dispensary. I agree that doing this session everyday would help us feel calm/relaxed and ready to learn. We have certain places do to it whether its soft grass or not.

Monday, September 24, 2018

These are our noticing books. We write down things that seem interesting in our book when we go for walks.

This is a literacy circle book, Each member in the class has a book and reads it with their group we all the same one, and this is my one

This is the song that Room2 is practising on, We had to write it down cause we didn't really know the words.;)

Matariki x2 e ara e                  

Te matahi o te tau
Te kohinga whetu ite oma o ranginui
E piatta ta mai ana whakaatta i te rangi te tohu ana ki te tau ho maori e
ko tupuanuku ko tupuarangi ko waiti waita waipungarangi ururangi e
Te matahi o te tau
Te kohinga whetu ite oma o ranginui
E piataata mai ana
Whakaataata i te rangi te kohanga ki te tau hou maori e

MATARIKI x2 e ara e

Friday, September 21, 2018

What our high group were writing about after reading our book about a virus/flue

This is what i thought body changes were when you run...;)

This i why i think we need a library...;)

This is a little bit of my best friends work.. Unfortunately shes not here so i posted it... Hope you like it

This is my research in Germany and what i thought would be interesting for you to read...;)

This is what Room2 have been practising on........personification

This is a bit of my masterpiece of what it was like during cross country.....


During cross country everyone was so stimulated they were also COMPLETELY petrified in what would happen if they came last.  When we were in the line waiting for the teacher to be satisfied with our silence. we were waiting the sky was rumbling the rain was constantly splashing into my face. Cold air spilled into the streets. That made a big effect to everyone nearby. We froze like something admirable was gonna happen. Then the moment came where the annoying bangers had to do their job. BANG there I was in the lead trying my hardest to concentrate on where i was going. I started slowing down. After being in lala land i was reduced in more energy. I felt like I was flying. I dashed through the gate as if there was a zombie apocalypse charging at  me. Trying to be in the lead was a hard task to do. During my run my body was allowing me to rest and let my blood levels slowly drop. During this run i was letting my body feel relaxed.

This is a little bit of my work....

By Shylo
Early in the morning the blazing sun awakens spring with a pleasant yawn she summons the song of birds. Before the crack of dawn she watches the appealing birds sing there melody, With not one complaint. As she stretched her slothful limbs to reach high above. Her eyes awake with the sun n golden glory spring plays with its rays for fun. Striking the sky with plenty of gorgeous colours blanketing the earth. She whistles graceful tunes while finishing her masterpiece. Feeling so sublime she rides the warmth of the wind. Spring favourite flowers gracefully she instills. She lives in the grass with a carpet of true green. In her calm mood she brings us warming showers. promptly her mood can change. A storm formed rage across the land. Terrorising and destroying everything. The darkened skies alarmed winds blow upon her fury caught in funnel clouds rotating the world. As if her harsh languished dreams come unfurled.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Underwater Volcano

This is a few things we need for our next experiment

this is what i think about people when they throw there rubbish out the window ( Plastics )

Its true

This is when we were doing our experiments and this one was a ( Tornado in a bottle )

( Please dont write anything on it ) This is why i think we need a library)

I hope you like what ive writed

We were going for a walk down the road and our teacher wanted us to write something about it:>

I hope you like what i created!

                                    This Is what we were doing yesterday for our geometry art

I hope you like PLEASE dont change anything

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Indigenous plants and Art in germany

Native plants are plants indigenous to a given area in geologic time.this includes plants that have developed,occur naturally,or excisted for many years in an area (trees,flowers,grasses,and other plants).

German art has a long and distinguished tradition in the visual arts,
from the earliest known work of figurative art to
it current output of contemporary art.germany has only been united into a single state since the 19th century,and defining its borders has been notoriously difficult and painful process.  


This cat is named for its short tail.size and appearance:the
bobcat is a
medium sized cat with a ruff of
fur around the sides of his
They weigh bet-
ween 13-30 pounds,stand 21 inches high and are 30-50 inches long.
the bobcats in north
tend to be larger than those in south bobcats eat a variety of animal
including mice,rats,squirrels,chickens,small fawns ,wild birds,
feral birds,
and rabbits.
is very unlikely,
but possible,that free-roaming cats or small dogs left outside
might be taken as well.